Welcome to Weimar,
benvenuto to the „La Casa dei Colori“!

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to our House of Colours for an unforgettable visit to this classical city!

Travel should enhance our well-being, and travel has always been a sensory experience. We hope that the concept we have introduced in our hotel and the all-round level of comfort that we offer will help to ensure that you never forget the days and nights you spend in the „La Casa dei Colori“, and that you'll enjoy your time in Weimar with all your senses.

Let us turn to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who understood so much about colours and their effect on our well-being: „Experience teaches us“, the great poet said, „that the individual colours evoke particular moods.“

With this in mind – enjoy the culture of Weimar, enjoy our world of colours and remember: „No pleasure is fleeting, since the impression it leaves behind is permanent.“ (Goethe)

Andrea Prokop
and the team of „La Casa dei Colori“